About Kirstie

When you think of therapy, what comes to mind? Is it a cold, sterile office with a therapist you feel very little connection with? Does it look like an hour of you talking at someone sitting quietly taking notes? While some therapists and clients prefer this environment, it is not for everyone! Therapy can be interactive, inviting and customized to your unique needs & goals. My name is Kirstie Juenger and I am a pre-licensed therapist here at Intuitive Counseling & Wellness. I believe a positive connection and strong rapport between therapist and client is the core of effective counseling, and I strive to create a space that feels welcoming and safe for you to explore the impacts of your inner and outer worlds on your mental health and relationships. I bring a sense of humor, human connection and active listening to each session in an office full of sun, plants and cozy décor.

There are many things that bring clients to me: Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, self-esteem/compassion, burnout, struggles with vulnerability & communication, work/employment stress & anxiety, etc. Many of my clients have limited experience in therapy, and have found my style to allow them to go at their own pace in order to maintain comfortability in the unknown. The Pandemic has caused many people to seek therapy for the first time as they look to reprioritize work and their personal lives, become more attuned to their mental health, learn how to set boundaries & advocate for themselves, and process the turbulence of the world around them. Therapy is your opportunity to give back to yourself in a tangible, productive way, in a space that models healthy communication, self-advocacy and emotional regulation. No matter what brings you in, you will be met with empathy, compassion and an absence of judgment.

Coming from a creative background in the arts, including a BS in Contemporary Music Studies, I understand the unique struggles creatives face both in their education, as well as their careers and enjoy working with folks to manage those stressors and experiences. Since graduating with my Masters from Temple University, I have had fruitful experience working with children/teens & their families, adults of all ages, individuals seeking or who have had bariatric surgery, as well as with peri/postnatal depression/anxiety in women.

Fun Facts:

  • I am originally from the Hudson Valley in New York

  • I have a dog, Ziggy and a cat, Zelda

  • I have performed in over 30 musicals, both on stage as well as in the orchestra

  • I am a classically trained flutist



I currently offer both, in-person and virtual  sessions. In-person sessions are held at ICW’s  office in Center City, Philadelphia. To schedule a consultation, feel free to email me  at: kjuenger.icw@gmail.com. I am eager to hear  from you as you get started on your way to a  healthier you!