About Jessica

Welcome! My name is Jessica Scott.  I have had the privilege of providing support and care to residents of the city of Philadelphia and its suburbs, for over 20 years. I began my career working with people suffering from substance addiction and living on the streets of Philadelphia. It is here that I developed my love for those who feel stuck in difficult places.  I believe it is an honor to be invited to walk alongside people in the places they struggle. My career moved from providing care on the streets, to in the schools. The atmosphere was different, but the struggles were no less real and difficult for the students experiencing them. As I attempted to serve students, it became very clear that many of them would benefit from out of school therapeutic care and support. So, here I am at Intuitive Counseling and Wellness!

My skill set is joining with you during this particular chapter in your life, to walk alongside you as a companion and guide. To lead you to your Inner Voice, that place inside of you where the motivation for change lives. We all have it inside of us, but sometimes we need someone to lead us there.  Through the modalities of Instilling Hope, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as a Solution Focused approach, I will serve as that guide. I specialize in joining with people who may have had a hard time connecting with other providers in the past. 

All change begins with hope, sometimes we need someone to hold hope for us when we feel hopeless. I welcome you to come in whatever state you are in, to journey with me to find that hope for yourself.



I am currently accepting clients in person at our Broad Street office. To schedule and initial consultation, you can contact me at (610) 637-6106, or via email at: Jessicsscotticw@gmail.com.

I look forward to showing you the hope and motivation that is already inside of you.

Jessica Scott, MEd