Group Therapy

Groups bring members together to share struggles & experiences unique to their age group. Growing up is challenging. Groups give members a safe space to be themselves and connect with others. Members talk about emotions, academic pressure and performance, social skills, relationships, family, worry, coping skills as well as the future.

Group is a safe space to learn awareness of yourself and others, and to be led by them both.

Tuesday-        Girls ages 14-16, 6-7

                       Girls ages 17-19, 7-8

Coming soon- All gender, ages 19-24, college and career concerns

Book Club

Book Club is a therapeutic group designed to allow space for you to explore the real life application of concepts discussed in the selected reading. Book Club is facilitated by Kirstie Juenger, MEd, a therapist here at ICW. The Book Club therapeutic group will rotate books and offer a different experience each time! For this reason, you register month to month according to what books resonate with you and your journey. Book subjects may include burnout, self-esteem, vulnerability, mindfulness, as well as more niche topics such as creating a healthy lifestyle with ADHD, the duality of mental & financial health, boundary setting with narcissistic parents, and more.

At this time, Book Club is only available to current clients of Intuitive Counseling & Wellness. It will be held the last Saturday of each month from 3pm to 4:30pm in-person at our office in Center City. Each group will be capped at 8 people and light refreshments will always be provided! The next month's book will be announced at each Book Club meeting, and an email will go out the week following the meeting containing further information about the selected book and how to register.

Upon registering, you will receive a document with information about the book, where to purchase/access it, as well as a set of questions to help guide your reading. You will also have a consent form applied to your online client portal which is required upon registration. All participants are required to find access to the selected book independently. Book Club is $25 and payment is due on the day of the group via credit card or Zelle. Be on the lookout for emails from for information regarding the month's selected readings, and we'll see you at Book Club!