About Danny

“Life will present you with people and circumstances to reveal where you’re not free” - Peter Crone.
Hi! My name is Danny Varughese, and when it comes to my relationship with the art of therapy - there’s
passion. As someone who also identifies as a singer-songwriter / musician, I can see a parallel between
the process of creating an eclectic mixture of therapeutic techniques/approaches and the process of
creating an album amidst an infinite array of arrangements and tones.
Throughout my own personal journey of evolution and continuous healing, I’ve exercised a strong innate
interest towards the fields of neuroplasticity, mindfulness, healing through the medium of sound, the
power of visualization techniques, and a wide range of other holistic modalities. Upon walking into my
office you’ll find a 7 piece crystal sound bowl healing set that I love integrating into session, an
aromatherapy diffuser, and a variety of other sound-based and visual-based tools that have been found to
aid in mind-body regulation.
Beyond the landmarks and labels, it is my own personal experience of having to deeply explore my own
limiting self-beliefs, thought patterns, and ways of perception that enables me to connect on a deeper level
with other individuals who are in the process of doing the same. I firmly believe that as long as there’s
breath flowing in through your nose and out through your mouth, your life story is still being written, and
all it takes is a spark of awareness to see that there’s a glowing quill inside of your hand.

Danny Varughese



I’m currently accepting new clients on a remote or in-office basis. You can feel free to book a free
discovery session via https://calendly.com/dannyvarughese/discoverysession or to reach out to me directly
via 267-282-1185 / dannyvarughese@gmail.com.